What Do Past Clients Think of DB Coaching & Consultancy Ltd?

"My experience of Debbie’s approach and style was that it promoted a working culture which felt very positive, empowering and non-judgemental. This fostered a sense of collaboration within which I felt genuinely heard, valued and respected. I believe this created a culture where participants could freely express their views and ideas without fear of judgement or misinterpretation and that this enabled a meaningful dialogue and opened up new creativity and strength in me, which actually made me feel energised (sadly, not something I would say is usually a feature in my working life). Debbie’s approach promoted a sense of respect for each other’s views and ‘realities’ in such a way that it encouraged genuine respect and equality amongst the group, which I feel will have a lasting impact on me. I cannot emphasise enough that in my view this was due specifically to Debbie’s input." Learning & Development Programme Delegate

"Having Debbie as my Coach was the life belt I needed to keep me afloat & stay on top of my new challenge. Debbie’s skillful listening techniques assisted me to: reflect on the way I worked; identify areas I was least self-assured in & helped me to explore different perspectives. Being constructively challenged by Debbie helped me to learn to manage and stay focussed in difficult situations. Debbie's unique questioning tactics helped me to overcome my weaknesses & focus on my strengths. Debbie has inspired me to be more positive in my role and inner-self. She has made me see that what I thought was unachievable can be achieved." 1:1 Coaching Client - Corporate

"Debbie is a brilliant facilitator and coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The benchmark for great training is when a team feels empowered to take the lessons, tools and techniques given and put them into practice. Debbie left an indelible impression that will continue to be felt for some time." Training Delegate

"The coaching experience has really made me think about my whole mind-set towards situations and has helped me realise that it is my mind-set which sometimes stops me in in moving forward and reaching my goals. I am thinking differently now and realising that I am as capable as anyone else out there. I have tools in place which I can draw on,  which will reduce my anxiety in situations which I find difficult. This change has been down to the coaching. Very worth while." 1:1 Coaching Client - Personal

"Debbie's coaching has given me a clear and positive direction on what I need to do in order to achieve my goals. She has been able to give me encouragement, confidence and the skills required to tackle the things in my personal and professional life that have been affecting me for some time. Debbie has a skill of not giving advice nor the answer, but letting me seek these for myself. I feel empowered to move forward and not daunted like before. Debbie's coaching has already and will continue to make a huge difference in my life." 1:1 Coaching Client - Personal

"Debbie is one those unique individuals who is able to instantly engage with individuals or mixed groups. Without her perseverance, hard work and humour we would not have achieved half as much as we have. If you are trying to improve the way you do your business or want your teams to work more effectively I would not hesitate to recommend her." Executive Client

I found the coaching very helpful.  It provided me with the opportunity to reflect on current strengths and weaknesses and consider how I wanted to move forward. The sessions/targets we set have had a positive impact on my motivation and self confidence.  I feel stronger in my current role and skills and confident that my next role will be something that inspires me and meets my key values. 1:1 Coaching Client - Corporate