What Would Your T-Shirt Say?

Great news! I'm two months into delivering an awesome coaching programme for thirty-two leaders and managers in an Adult Social Care setting.


Following a high energy whole-day group session (one for Team Managers and another for Lead Practitioners), the group were able to recognise themselves as a group of individuals with shared roles and responsibilities, and equally as a team in their own right! They defined their legacy, their values, behaviours and areas that they needed breakthroughs in.


One of the greatest light bulb moments that was created in their 1:1 coaching sessions came about as a result of a simple metaphor. If you're a visual person, this is perfect for you too and I'd encourage you to give it a go to change your thinking, actions and behaviours. Imagine you have three t-shirts, each t-shirt with a different slogan on it. The slogans represent pieces of advice or lessons learnt that when followed consistently would have a positive impact on your thinking to create more successes and fewer disappointments.


Take a piece of paper and start writing whatever slogans come to mind. Ignore the desire to start filtering and editing when doing this. What do your t-shirts say? Don't worry if they don't make sense to anyone else, these are just for you! Examples of some of these slogans might be:

"I've got this"

"Move forward glamorously"

"Get Out Of Your Own Way"

"Preparation Reaps Rewards".


It's time to test whether these t-shirts are right for you. Start by imagining yourself putting on of these on and think of yourself as possessed by the slogan (you have no choice by to abide by what the slogan says). The slogan should drive your thinking, your actions and behaviours! How does the t-shirt feel?


Did you want to put the t-shirt on? If it's boring, dull, scary, challenging, ugly or undesirable then you won't even open the wardrobe to put it on... it's the wrong t-shirt for you! If you have opened the wardrobe and put on the t-shirt does it feel comfortable of baggy? If you answered yes, it's the wrong t-shirt. You're probably abiding by the slogan's advice already... if it's too much in your comfort zone it won't stretch you enough to make changes.


The right t-shirt is one that you want to put on but feels a little tight and uncomfortable. Read back over your slogans and find the right ones then start wearing them right away! I did this exercise about seven months ago! Now my t-shirts are my home screen on my mobile phone and laptop. They are a constant reminder of the change I wanted to create and why they were important to me. I'm honestly having my Best Year Yet and I can see that the thirty-two coachees I'm working with are heading that way too!


Here's an interesting thought... what t-shirt would I have created for myself in early pregnancy to counteract ol' Preggie Debbie? I'll have a think and get back to you.


To celebrate my new coaching programme I'm giving one lucky winner their very own t-shirt with their own slogan! Try the exercise above and once you've found your perfect slogan pop over to my social channels and enter to win!* Find me on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.    


*T&C's: One winner will be selected at random. Competition closes 30th November 2017. Only complete entries will be entered. Prize non transferable, no cash alternative.