Living the 65% Version of Myself

Ever have those moments when your weekend is spent lounging around at home, eating lots of food, perhaps a stroll in the park and then back home for an early night? Well, I don’t! If I sit on the sofa I would do some invoicing or perhaps organise emails… I never have lazy weekends! With a career in efficiency and effectiveness, it’s hard for me to just be lazy, my mind is always active and I love being productive. As I write this, I have recently had a midwife appointment and I’ve already decided that (should it be required) I can offer them a new process on how they do things to improve their productivity too!


You may have heard of a fantastic equation created by Tim Galway: Performance = Potential – Interference.


I tend not to let a lot of things interfere with my performance and productivity; I’m actually quite good at getting things done. Lately though, I’ve had all sorts of interference from 24-hour nausea, negative reactions to foods (which are occasional, but completely without warning) to extreme fatigue. Add to the mix, Preggie Debbie who doesn’t like to miss an appearance and happily provides her negative thoughts whenever she can! I’ve basically been reduced to living a 65% version of myself, which is not my ideal situation and I feel as though my brain has checked out and parked itself on the sofa permanently (or at least for the remainder of my pregnancy!).


So, you might be wondering… what’s the problem? As a business owner, I don’t want to sell anything less than the 100% version of myself! I pride myself on consistency, I need to feel great and know that I’m not letting clients down. I don’t like wondering if I’ll feel nauseous tomorrow or halfway through a meeting- this is by far not an ideal situation for me and I don’t like wondering 'what if’s'. As you may have gathered, I don’t try- I always do so when I realized my diary was packed full of commitments I was adamant that I wouldn’t need to cancel any of them. The ‘what if’s’ kicked in of course but, I decided that I needed to put on a front!


For the best part of 4 weeks I maintained this ‘fake’ 100% version of Debbie out in public, at meetings and with clients but in reality it was quite the opposite, I’d been reduced to a 30% version of myself, which was in full swing at home and my poor family didn’t have too much choice unfortunately. It was so terrible at one point that I was completely unable to put the shopping away in the fridge and sobbing because I was so useless! Yes, we all have ‘that’ moment we can relate to when it all comes crashing down, hopefully just a one-off!


And, at the end of this ‘fake’ period what was my take-away? I gave myself permission to be sensible with my diary! So I can’t go on a race car experience day or a holiday right now and perhaps I need to space out my appointments a little more… that’s fine! My ‘what if’s’ never came true and I’ve stopped thinking of myself as a victim. I’m not ‘suffering’ with nausea and fatigue, I’m ‘experiencing’ them… no need to be dramatic Preggie Debbie! Language can really change how we feel about ourselves and what our inner voice is saying… shutting down words like suffering and, training the brain to be nicer to itself can have a huge impact on the way we feel and how we project ourselves!


I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your pregnancy? Has it interfered with your productivity or are you soldering on? Get in touch: or connect with me on social media- TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.


The best thing about it all? My feeling of rubbish-ness is proportionate to my baby’s contentment and I did find the most awesome ‘pick-me-up’ survival kit- rich tea biscuits, lemon sherbet and skittles!