Goal Setting Tip No.6

Goal Setting Tip No.6: To my friends and family (and particularly my poor boyfriend), the phrase "crack on" is a well-known one. It was my phrase of 2016. And yes, it may have got the occasional raised eyebrow and sigh, but it really did influence my decision making and goal achievement. (I might roll it on for another year - sorry Tom!!) Once the goal is effectively set, and all the visualisation techniques have been used, there is nothing left to do but take action. Crack on!! I hear people say that they have tried all of the different interventions and therapies but nothing has worked. Not in all cases, but in some it does lead one to wonder about the common denominator. Although different in background and technique, most interventions rely on one critical thing at the heart...the client's desire to change and take personal action. There's no effect without action. Change happens when you crack on!