Become Your Own Masterpiece....NLP (Day Two)

Pour Me A Glass.... A short and sweet one today… is Friday evening after all and I know that you are keen for the weekend to start. (And to be honest, the trainer’s promise of bamboozling us, confusing us and ‘breaking our brains’ is taking affect this evening – I’m holding on to his promise of new neurological connections being made. I’m confident that’s already started!!) So top tip for you….the concept of embedded commands: an embedded command is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique for "planting" a thought within the mind of another person beneath the person's conscious awareness. Without boring you with the ‘science’, the essence of the language pattern is to deliver two ‘hows’ before the actual command (the ‘what’). “It would be good, if you could walk to the kitchen (1), grab the bottle of wine (2) and pour me a glass (3). Now. Could you?" With attention to detail (it needs to be covert), and effective tone of voice (lower and louder), it could work. Not a promise…it’s Friday night and surely worth a try!! Good Luck!! (And yes, for those that know me this post is ironic as I do not drink alcohol. It would be a refreshing glass of Diet Coke for me...)