Become Your Own Masterpiece....NLP (Day One!)

I am sure I cannot be the only trainer/facilitator that has experienced this problem....using fantastic quotes, and misplacing the name of the individuals who said them? Then you stop using the quote, at the risk of it losing its credibility in the absence of its full context. Well, just one of the learnings that I am thankful for today is the reminder of Viktor Frankl's name and the quote above. Viktor was an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist andHolocaust survivor. Today, on the Master Practitioner in NLP course, his attitude and thinking was used to demonstrate the concept of cause and effect. There are those of us at 'cause' who get results, whilst individuals at 'effect' give reasons and justifications......or as an associate of mine once said, "there are two types of people in this world, drains and radiators." Also rather interestingly today, I had a flashback to something that I said to a friend last week. We were talking about team dynamics and the impact of gender balance on the environment.....and I said something along the lines of...."I couldn't think of anything worse than working in an all female environment." And guess what...I am the only lady in attendance on this course. Very unusual. Now for my homework....developing Milton Model hypnotic language patterns. Now, I know that you are curious to learn more about it too, as it's always a good idea to learn new things, isn't it? NLP friends, I am hoping that I cracked a mind-read, a lost performative and a tag question. I guess that I will find out tomorrow!!