Become Your Own Masterpiece....NLP

Over eight hours of auditory training listened to; a 215 page manual reviewed and highlighted; and the pre-course test completed.....tomorrow is the start of my 10-day live training for theĀ Master Practitioner in NLP. Over the next 10 days I will be exploring: quantum linguistics, cutting edge reframing, parts integration, advanced sub-modalities, advanced strategies, value, The Clare Graves Model, modelling, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy andĀ NLP Coaching. Wow!! I must admit that I get a little tired thinking about it...but I can assure you that my enthusiasm always takes over!! I am looking to make a slight change to my business model in 2017; and as such I have recently designed the content of the 'Become Your Own Masterpiece'coaching sessions and workshops. These will be ready for launch in early 2017. My attendance on this NLP Master Practitioner Course is another step on my own personal and business some ways I guess you could say, perfecting my own 'Masterpiece'. And I look forward to sharing the benefits with my clients. Over the next 10-days I commit to posting my key insights or learning from the day. Watch this space!